Transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece with Edwin Landscaping LLC‘s premier hardscape services. With over a decade of experience serving Hickory, NC, plus a 25-mile radius, our eco-friendly, licensed, and insured company is your go-to for both residential and commercial hardscape needs.

Our comprehensive hardscape services encompass a wide array of features crafted from durable materials like wood, stone, and concrete. From patios to driveways, retaining walls to sleeper walls, and stairs to walkways, we specialize in creating stunning, long-lasting structures that enhance your property’s beauty and functionality.

Discover the possibilities of hardscaping with Edwin Landscaping LLC. Our skilled team can design and construct landscaped walkways, sitting walls, water features, fire pits, landscape lighting, grill surrounds, pergolas, and more, tailored to your specific vision and needs.

In landscaping, hardscape refers to the solid structures that complement natural elements. From wooden arbors to stone walls, brick patios to fire pits, these features add depth and character to your outdoor oasis. With our expertise, we can seamlessly integrate hardscape elements into your landscape design, enhancing its overall appeal and usability.

When selecting hardscape materials, it’s crucial to consider several factors. Aesthetics play a significant role, as well as functionality, durability, and maintenance requirements. Ensuring health and safety standards are met, along with considering ecological benefits and costs, are essential aspects of the decision-making process.


Hardscaping services offer a variety of benefits, ranging from durability and low maintenance to aesthetic and functional enhancement of a landscape, which can increase the long-term value and enjoyment of the property.